Wise Hands Bodywork, Kara Duval LMT#6531


Wise Hands Bodwork, Kara Duval LMT



Skilled & Integrative Approach

Blending multiple modalities of therauptic touch and simple breathing techniques, I work with clients to release tension occurring in the soft tissue, as well as addressing issues of the nervous system. The result is more balance,  ease, and connectivity within the body. This has the potential to touch all aspects of one's life in a beneficial way. 

 A session might include Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy, assisted stretching and aromatherapy.



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Sessions available Tuesday through Saturdays, times vary



Kara’s treatments rejuvenate, de-stress and renew my spirit. Her essence inspires and gives me hope for humanity.
— Gordon Meeks, senior drafter of NM Legislative Council
I teach three week-long retreats at Immaculate Heart of Mary and it’s a wonderful setting, conducive to deep spiritual work. It’s important that my retreatants feel well cared-for, and Kara is a tremendous help in that regard. She is an excellent massage therapist who has been sensitive to the needs of my students and has generously made herself available to give chair and table massage during my retreats. She is a skilled therapist and a delightful presence at my retreats.
— Rabbi Shefa Gold
Kara is an amazingly gift therapist. She has strong, learned hands and a kind, brave heart which she offers to connect into the body’s wisdom and draw forth in the most soothing, mindful way.
— Marko Schmitt, Marketing Director of Completion Registry
The residual effects of a bicycling accident years ago left my body constantly tense from muscle trauma and limited joint flexion. Kara’s integrative treatments over the last year have helped alleviate much of the pain associated with my injuries.
— Michael May, Carpenter
Kara’s work is intuitive, compassionate and wise. She is a highly skilled and true healer. I highly recommend her.
— Chloe Goodwin, 5Rhythm's® Instructor

Trusting the body, our home

Feeling connected and at HOME in the body is vital for one's health and happiness.

You can feel at home in your body.

Feeling truly at home in the body is both the journey and destination of a rich, vibrant life. Bodywork is a powerful tool for connecting to the body, relieving aches and pains, and addressing deep structural imbalances that are causing the aches and pains, both physical and emotional.

About Me

“Our hands imbibe like roots, so I place them on what is beautiful in this world..." - St. Francis of Assisi
I received my 1000 hr training, a dual program focusing on massage and polarity therapy, from New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe.  In 2013, I completed 200 hrs of teacher training in Vinyasa Style Yoga. Along with bodywork, I am a visual artist, a cat parent and avid plant lover.  My offerings listen and honor the creativity and wisdom inherent in us all!