Sessions can include any of the following -

Swedish Massage


Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy

Hot Stones

Assisted Stretching


*Please contact me to inquire about pricing.

Seasonal Offerings

Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Treatment
Designed to keep you centered and your immunity strong during Autumn and Winter! Treatment consists of a scalp and foot massage utilizing specific oils chosen for their grounding and tonifying properties, followed by a 90 minute hot stones massage.  2 HR

Tune Up Time
This session tunes you to a beautiful resonance! Utilizing tuning forks, aromatherapy, and singing bowls along the spine, DEEP relaxation is orchestrated. Sound and vibrational "mapping" can help bring one into alpha and theta states. These states, which are accessed in meditation and during restful sleep, are the inner realms where unwinding and releasing fears tied to outdated emotional and mental programming can occur. 1 Hr

Have a loved one you want to treat? Gift Certificates are available! 
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