Our Stories Shape Us More Than We Know


Who would you be without your story? This is a question I have been asking myself and asking of society a lot recently. Especially in relation to stories that imprison us into the role of victim and/or martyr. How have these stories served us and how have they not? How invested are we in them? Do they support multiple relationships, spanning back for generations, and even if they get in the way of what we ultimately want, it is too scary to consider those relationships changing or dissolving? How has this affected our physiology, shut us down and thus hardening our musculature, constricting our breath and forming our posture and character - who we are are. Who would we be without these stories?



Byron Katie: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Stories. We all have them: "My father was a critical perfectionist and I was never good enough to please him." "My mother was jealous and…



Kara Duval